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  • T2 Air Mouse with USB receiver
  • T2 Air Mouse with USB receiver
  • T2 Air Mouse with USB receiver
  • T2 Air Mouse with USB receiver
Handy remote control for media players, Android and Windows. The T2 Airmouse tracks your movements and gives you control. Lightweight, with range up to 10 meters.


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T2 Airmouse Universal Remote

Simple point and click remote.
Suitable for media players, android TV box, Windows PCs and smart TVs.
The gyroscope accurately follows your movements, up to 10 meters away.

T2 Airmouse - Point, click and control

    • Control device with a USB port
    • Good for Android media players, Windows PCs and Smart TV
    • Point and click through Airmouse function
    • gyroscope for precision and gaming
    • Suitable for left- and right-handed


What are you going to operate this multifunctional mouse / remote control?

The T2 Airmouse is lightweight and multifunctional

The airmouse lets you take control over all buttons, settings and apps from your favorite media player.
The T2 is multifunctional:
On both Windows and Android, this remote can complete most tasks.

Use the T2 at (projector) presentations on your Windows PC or laptop and an Android media box.

The T2 has a weight of only 66 grams (including two AAA batteries).
Finally, it is to connect with the small USB hub everywhere.

What features does the T2 support?

T2 Remote - convenient format

The T2 will not give a profusion of buttons and options.
The advantage of this is that the size can be kept small.

T2 remote control has the following functions:

    • Off button
    • Volume Control
    • Ok / Enter button (Left Mouse Button)
    • Arrows
    • Back button (Right)
    • Options
    • Home
    • Mouse Function On / Off
    • Page Up
    • Page Down
    • Mute

By the format,  the T2 fits comfortably in your hand.
The buttons are firm and respond well to inputs.

The design is made for left and right handed people.

T2 Airmouse connect and use

The T2 comes in a simple cardboard box, which serves immediately as a guide.
After opening you immediately see the remote.
The USB hub can be found in a recess in the battery cover.

Inserting the batteries (2x AAA), placing the USB hub and the T2 is operational.

The packaging includes instructions for:
- LED indicators
- pairing with the USB hub
- resetting to factory settings
- Sleep

Expand your ease of use with this universal remote control

Buy your T2 Airmouse remote now at Djoozy

The T2 is available from stock.
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    • 14 days right of withdrawal
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Model: T2 Airmouse with gyroscoop and USB dongle
Supports OS: Android/Windows/Apple/Linux
Number of buttons: 15
Mousecontrol: Airmouse/Flymouse
On/Off button: Yes
Power Supply: 2x AAA battery
Connection: Via USB dongle / 2.4GHz
Sensor: Yes, gyroscope with 3 gyro- and 3 g-sensors
Color: Black
Keyboard layout: -
Other functions: -
Microphone: No
Speaker: No
Weight: 66 gram
Orientation: Left- and Righthanded
Operating distance: Up to 10 meters
»» Contents: ««««
Contents 1: 1x T2 Airmouse
Contents 2: 1x USB Dongle
Contents 3: -
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Brand: OEM