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What is Smart Home, and what are Smart Home Products?

With Smart Home, we mean the products that make your home smart, accessible and easy to operate; In short, to ensure that you get a better quality of life and living.

Smart Home products come in many kinds and sizes; There are many possibilities and options. Therefore, read carefully before you buy.

Examples of Smart Home products include:

  • Wifi doorbell with camera
  • Smart detectors and sensors
  • Household equipment with new connectivity and information
  • Security with motion detectors, cameras and alarms

What is Domotics?

A commonly used term for Smart Home products is domotics.
A definition of domotics is the integration of technology and services for better living and living quality.
Domotics provide sensors for the operation of devices using a computer (or your smartphone).

Domotics at home? Easy to install and in use.

For everybody.


Are Domotica products suitable for me?

Do you like:

  • A smart home
  • Better quality of living and living
  • Convenience, comfort and safety
  • Linking systems to your smartphone
  • Extra possibilities on everyday products

Then the use of domotics is definitely interesting for you.
Create your own Smart Home with Djoozy's products.


Control Domotics with your Smartphone

Smart Smart Home products connect your home with your smartphone. This way you are always sure, even when you are not home.

Think of a Wi-Fi doorbell with camera, which has been switched to your phone.
When the package carrier calls and you are at work, then you can still keep in touch.

Even smoke detectors and other smart systems can keep you informed.
Operating your lighting, your radio or even the front door will be possible.


Is Domotica safe?

By using encrypted signals, secure products, and smart apps, these products are well protected.

In addition to product safety, the application of these products gives you extra security for your home, office or yourself.


Step into the home of the future, with Smart Home products.
Buy your domotics at Djoozy. Check out our offer.

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