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Terms of Use

These terms of use apply to your purchase and use of the website www.djoozy.com.

These Terms of Use constitute a contract between you and Djoozy.

By making a purchase, and to make use of this site, you agree to these terms of use.

Make sure you read the terms of use and understood before using our site.




Customer means the natural or legal person who enters into an agreement with Djoozy or intends to do so.
  Subcontractor means Djoozy BV.
Established Pieter Ghijsenlaan 24 F, 1506 PV Zaandam.

Djoozy B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Zaandam under number: 64447006
For tac Djoozy B.V. is known as the VAT number: NL855669585B01 




These general conditions apply to all offers made by the supplier, its acceptance and to all supplier contracts and their implementation.

  Deviations and changes to these terms and conditions are only valid if they have been made by the supplier in writing or by email.



Prices and Price Changes

All prices are in Euros and include VAT.
  Supplier shall be entitled, to the extent not in conflict comes to pass on the reasonableness and fairness of supplier at the time of entering into the agreement unanticipated price changes, to the client.

Supplier has the right to change prices and correct any typos.
If the customer is disadvantaged by this, the customer is informed.
The awarding authority reserves the right to terminate the agreement.



Deals and Discounts

All offers of the supplier are not binding.
Offers are subject to availability of the product.
If the offer is no longer available are:
client offered an alternative or
the terminated agreement.


If you are eligible for a discount, you can apply a discount code.
You can fill your orders through the web shop.
If you forget to fill in the coupon code, please post are not entitled to the grant of discounts.



Supply and Delivery

Delivery will, unless otherwise agreed, place at the delivery address specified by the buyer.
  Supplier are dispatched by post or courier, after payment has been received for the products to be supplied.
  Supplier is entitled to deliver the goods in installments.
  Extra costs for subsequent deliveries will be borne by the supplier.

On the website and apply in the order confirmation delivery times as an indication and not a precise term.

Supplier is not liable for damage resulting from exceeding the delivery times
Supplier shall make every effort to meet the specified delivery times.




Payment must be made via the website.
Or by debit card or cash when picking up an order.

  Payment is made in advance, unless otherwise agreed.
  If payment by invoice has been agreed and the payment is not made within the agreed period of 30 days, the customer owes an interest of 1% per month or the statutory interest rate if it is higher, the outstanding amount from the date of the invoice date until the date of full payment. Requires no prior warning or notice. If the supplier has to make extrajudicial costs to collect his claim, shall be borne by the customer.




Supplier guarantees the soundness and quality of goods delivered.
Under the warranty does not cover the consequences of misuse and improper handling and inadequate storage of goods delivered.




By the supplier to pay damages for breach in the fulfillment of an agreement will - unless intent or gross negligence - in no case exceed the agreed amount (excluding VAT).
  Supplier accepts - unless intent or gross negligence - no liability for indirect damage, ie damage not directly caused by its deficiency, such as additional costs incurred consequential damages or damages for lost profits.



Return Policy

You have the right within 14 days, without giving reasons, to return an item (right of withdrawal).
  Within this period you can see the article, evaluating and / or connect as you do in a shop, unless otherwise stated.

The withdrawal period will expire 14 days from the day:
to which the item is in your possession:
with multiple items in one order, and delivered separately: when you received the last article:
in an article consisting of different ones parts: when you received the last part.

  You use the right of withdrawal by:
- Giving a return command through our site, or through one of our employees.
- Fill out a return form from our website.
- And returning the items.
The cost of returning the product are borne by the customer.
We expect the customer to use an appropriate sendmethode fitting the product that is returned.
  You can only send the item back if:
- The article is complete
- In - as far as reasonably possible - original condition and factory packaging.
  Refund made within 14 days after receiving the return order subject to compliance with the conditions set out in Article 11.
  Some items can not be returned because the products are adapted in accordance with your specifications. By this we mean, inter alia products with customized, ordered specially for the client, and the installation of equipment.
  Or articles that are clearly personal in nature, have a limited shelf life, or can not be returned due to their nature, and audio and video recordings and computer software which were unsealed.



Applicable Law / Competent Court

All agreements and the execution thereof, Dutch law.
Djoozy B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Zaandam under number: 64447006
For tac Djoozy B.V. is known as the VAT number: NL855669585B01



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