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  • Measy RC12 mini keyboard
  • Measy RC12 mini keyboard
  • Measy RC12 mini keyboard
  • Measy RC12 mini keyboard
  • Measy RC12 mini keyboard
Combines a keyboard, mouse and remote control for your android media player. Offers a sturdy housing, more convenience. Easy to connect and operate your media player.


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Buy Measy RC12 mini keyboard for Android or Windows

The Measy RC12 is a combination of mini-keyboard, mouse and remote control in one.
Offers more convenience for your Android TV box.
Also useful for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

The Measy RC12 offers greater ease of use

  • A sturdy housing
  • Ease of use with a full keyboard and touchpad mouse function
  • Small USB dongle that is easy to connect
  • Media operation with function keys
  • Large range up to 10 meters

Measy RC12 offers greater ease of use

Lack of a small keyboard for your Android TV Box?
This is resolved with the Measy RC12 universal keyboard.

A full keyboard makes search functions, web browsing and chatting a lot faster and easier.
In addition, the Measy RC12 offers a touchpad, so you can quickly reach all areas and buttons.

The Measy RC12 can be used on almost any device with a USB port.
This RC12 universal mini keyboard works on all android tv boxes, but also office hardware, such as your Windows mini-PC.

Mini keyboard Measy RC12

The Measy RC12 features a Qwerty keyboard, function keys (F), and buttons for media control.
Power supply is derived from 3x AAA batteries, which must be attached in the cover on the back.
Here you will also find the small USB dongle that can connect to the desired device.

Increases the distance over which you can operate a device.
The Measy RC12 operates accurate up to 10 meters.

Order your Measy RC12 mini keyboard at Djoozy

Buy Measy RC12 at Djoozy.
A good value, and our webshop is always online.

  • Ordered before 16:00, next day delivery
  • 12 month hardware warranty
  • 14 days right of withdrawal
  • Everything you need to start immediately
Model: Mini keyboard
Supports OS: Android/Windows/Apple/Linux
Number of keys: 75
Mousecontrol: Touchpad
On/Off button: Yes
Power Supply: 3x AAA battery
Connection: Via USB dongle / 2.4GHz
Sensor: No
Color: Black
Keyboard layout: Qwerty (american)
Other functions:
Microphone: No
Speaker: No
Orientation: Left- and Righthanded
Operating distance: Up to 10 meters
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