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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality represents a virtual reality or pseudo-reality.
Virtual Reality simulates an environment or experience using the computer senses and creates an amazing experience.
This experience is now easy to do with the use of virtual reality glasses (VR goggles) and your own smartphone.

Virtual Reality is now really breaking through.
In the 90s of the last century there were several attempts and products focused on Virtual Reality, which never made a breakthrough.
The amount of hardware and processing power needed were not easy and can be used in small format. Now with the advent of better products, and the advent of smartphones VR (Virtual Reality) really breaking through.

There are several brands involved with the development of very cool VR goggles, and Google came up with a simple solution: the google cardboard. A cardboard version of the virtual reality goggles.

Virtual Reality using your smartphone

The smartphone is an ideal tool for experiencing virtual reality.
Also you can with your own smartphone use them.
The basic ingredients for the VR experience are already present:

  • A big screen
  • Gyro sensors that capture and translate movement
  • Bluetooth connection for the control
  • Audio through built-in speakers
  • An operating system for installing and using Apps

VR goggles helps display virtual reality

With VR glasses you can really enjoy the Virtual Reality that different apps offer on your smartphone.

VR Glasses - Inexpensive alternative to Vive, Oculus

The well-known products such as Virtual Reality HTC Vive and Oculus Rift provide high performance and include high-performance hardware. This is reflected in the price, which are a few hundred euros for these products.

VR games and more

Take a journey through space, play a VR game, or step on the roller coaster.
The Virtual Reality applications and apps can do it all. Visit your neighborhood on Google Maps and take a walk.

Virtual Reality is the future

In the future, Virtual Reality can be used for a whole lot of fun and serious applications.
Visit your dream home, walk around a museum and play great games. Something more serious are the applications for simulations for medical, military and aerospace. The possibilities are very broad.

Virtual Reality FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Reality and available VR products.

Q: Do I need a Virtual Reality goggles for VR applications?

A: Yes, because that way you get the best virtual experience, the virtual reality apps and have your hands free to operate an app with a controller.

Q: What can I do with VR glasses?

A: Because you're wearing VR goggles on your head and the screen right before your eyes, you'll experience an instant virtual simulation. The apps can be launched via your smartphone translated using the lenses to a 3D environment. Put your smartphone in your VR glasses, which you use for VR applications.

Q: What is the application of VR?

A: The use of Virtual Reality is very extensive. Gaming in a 3D environment, watching movies or walk around a museum. Using virtual reality simulations will be possible to train doctors, pilots and soldiers.

Q: What is the future of Virtual Reaility?

A: The VR experience will be greatly improved with many apps, but also with specific VR products. Think screens real VR. The possibilities are far all discovered.

Q: What types of virtual reality products are there?

A: The google cardboard, a VR glasses for your smartphone into the head-mounted display such as HTC and Oculus make them. There are also applications such as a VR CAVE, where you stand in a room with a simulation projected on the walls.

Q: How do I use Virtual Reality apps and applications?

A: With a Bluetooth remote control, which you connect to your smartphone. This is a real addition to the ease of use, because you have your hands free by VR goggles for operation.

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