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TV Box remote for Android TV Box

Take control - Control your Android TV box with a universal wireless keyboard.
Android wireless remote for ease of use while browsing the Web, search, and serve.
Best Accessories for Android TV box.

  • Ease of use
  • Keyboard and mouse function
  • Easy to connect, no installation
  • Runs on battery or rechargable battery

Universal remote control for android TV box

If you want to operate the android TV box you have three choices:
Use the standard remote control.
Choose a smartphone as a remote control, such as XBMC remote app as Yatse.
Or go for a tangible product with features like these mini keyboards.

The great advantage of this Android TV box remote controls is that they are not only equipped with a full keyboard and mouse function, but they are universal. The Android remote control so works on any Android TV box model, but also on Windows.

  • Suitable for all android TV box variants
  • Suitable for PCs with Windows
  • Ideal for home or office use


Control your TV Box - connect remote

If you buy a remote control for your TV box, then operating becomes a lot easier.
The standard remote control is limited to the most basic functions, but now you'll have a full keyboard shortcuts and mouse function. Connecting is easy

  • open package
  • Remove USB dongle and insert into USB port
  • Place battery or charge battery
  • Enable remote control

Air mouse keyboard or wireless mini keyboard?

There are various models; What are the main differences and what should I look for?
There are two categories Android remotes:

Air mouse keyboard with built-in gyroscope (sometimes called flymouse) Mini keyboard with mouse function, the mouse portion and a small touchpad is integrated.
In addition, an important difference to the power supply. Which may consist of a rechargeable battery, or batteries.

TV Box Remote Control FAQ

Q: Those these remotes work on all Android TV boxes?

A: Yes, the universal remotes work on all Android TV boxes and even on Windows.

Q: Why have a remote control in addition to the standard remote control?

A: You will increase your ease of use greatly by the keyboard and mouse functions they offer remote controls; while browsing the Web, playing games or control of your Android TV Box.

Q: What applications can I control?

A: From Android to Netflix and Kodi, from YouTube to the Internet browser and media even pause or turn the sound louder and softer, everything.

Q: What is a flymouse or airmouse?

A: A flymouse or airmouse is a remote control with built-in gyroscope. Use the flymouse feature, you point the remote control where the cursor should go. So you do not slide your finger over a touch pad, but moves the remote control.

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