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The best control with Minix remote

Control your Minix media player or Android TV Box with a fine remote control. Increase your capabilities and ease of use with the A2 or A2 Airmouse Lite.

Equipped with a keyboard and mouse function (flymouse) these remotes give just a bit more fun in using a media player from Minix. The standard Minix remote is limited to the most basic buttons, but with a minix remote, you can take real control over the device.


Minix universal airmouse Android TV Box

The Minix air mouse is a universal remote, so their use is not limited to Minix products.
The Android TV box can be well controlled with this air mouse. All you need is a media player that has a USB port to accommodate the USB dongle.

Minix remote connect and use

The Minix remote connect and start using easy

  • Open container
  • Open cover at the back and remove USB dongle
  • Insert the USB dongle into the USB port of the device you want to control
  • Insert the batteries (AAA)
  • Use your remote control

Because the Minix is suitable for Android and Windows you can connect and use it to all devices in the same way.

Minix remote FAQ

Q: Which products are suitable for a Minix remote?

A: For all current Minix models: X5, X5 mini, X6, X7, X7 mini, X8 and X8-H Plus Plus. In addition, the U1 and Minix Minix Z64 are compatible.

Q: Do the Minix remote only work on Minix products?

A: No, the Minix remotes are universal, and can be applied to any Android TV box.

Q: Are the Minix remotes type flymouse?

A: Yes, the Minix remotes are type flymouse. That means an integrated gyroscope for identification, but also the possibility of gaming.

Q: Why an extra remote control in addition to the ordinary?

A: Many applications use a keyboard, to reach all the buttons that are not always accessible with the arrow keys and because they are sturdier and of better quality.

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