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Samsung LCD Display in Service Pack Original

As a Dutch wholesale trader of Samsung LCD Displays in Service Pack Original located in the Netherlands in Europe, we can offer special prices, quick ordering and free shipping.
We are a distributor of original Samsung Parts for mobile phones and tablets, for the European, Middle-East and Asian market. If you are looking for a part which is not in our webshop do not hesitate to contact us and send an e-mail to sales@djoozy.com.

An overview of Samsung Display modules complete in Service Pack you can find here:


Wholesale Android TV Box with Djoozy

For Wholesale Android TV Box or other products, Djoozy is the right place.
We are happy to assist you with the supply and procurement of larger numbers tv boxes.
Wholesale Android TV Box is possible with the products we offer, or with your own product.


Android TV box with discount at Djoozy

Discount on your android TV box? Buy Wholesale at Djoozy.
Starting from a disposal of 10 pieces at a time, we offer competitive prices.
Are you interested in Wholesale in collaboration with Djoozy, please contact us.


OEM Android TV box with Djoozy

For OEM Android TV box with your logo, packaging and software go to Djoozy.


Your Custom Android TV Box

For a custom Android TV box, Djoozy can take care of the following things for you:

An OEM Android TV Box is already available from €27 (ex. VAT), with a circulation of 500 copies.
For convenience, good service and personal contact make use of the experience and expert knowledge of Djoozy.
Djoozy will be responsible for contacting the manufacturer, delivering the right design, supply and possibly storage.


B2B Android TV box with Djoozy

Do you own a business, deliver your services or sell your android TV boxes in a different way, then Djoozy can help in this.
Djoozy delivers Android media players to other companies for a favorable price and terms.
Djoozy likes to work with companies that B2C or B2B itself provide products and services.
Android media supplied by Djoozy players are also suitable for narrowcasting.


Wholesale opportunities with Djoozy

If you are interested in wholesale, you want to use the Djoozy wholesale, please contact us.
Several companies preceded you.


Wholesale Djoozy FAQ

Q: When can I use the Djoozy wholesale?

A: If you take several items in order, have your own company or store that sells your products.


Q: What is OEM exactly?

A: OEM means Original equipment manufacturer. It means that you can put your own brand or product in the market with an OEM version. Allows you a unique provider in the market.


Q: What is the minimum order for an OEM product?

A: From 500 pieces per edition, you can make a OEM product.


Q: What is the minimum order for wholesale with Djoozy?

A: From 10 pieces Djoozy provides products with adjusted price.