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  • B100 VR Bluetooth remote
  • B100 VR Bluetooth remote
  • B100 VR Bluetooth remote
  • B100 VR Bluetooth remote
  • B100 VR Bluetooth remote
Virtual Reality remote for your smartphone. Control VR apps and gameson your smartphone. This super small Bluetooth remote is rechargable.


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Buy B100 VR Bluetooth remote control?

Control your smartphone Virtual Reality Apps.
Rechargeable and lightweight, with Bluetooth connection.
Buy ease of use in a snap with this remote.


Super Small B100 Bluetooth remote control offers you:

  • Ease of use for Virtual Reality Apps
  • Lightweight rechargeable remote
  • Bluetooth connects to your smartphone
  • Ideal for Virtual Reality Experience


B100 remote control for your Virtual Reality Experience

Using your smartphone for VR apps and VR games, the B100 Bluetooth remote control is a godsend. The smartphone is obviously used as a screen, making it hard to reach and control.
This Bluetooth remote control is therefore ideal to control your apps and smartphone. The B100 VR remote features micro USB connector so that it can be recharged. The LED indicates when the battery needs to be recharged.
The B100 is suitable for various operating systems, including Android and iOS.


Many features on the small B100 remote control

The small remote control B100 is packed with features. It starts with a rechargeable battery, so batteries are unnecessary.
In addition, the B100 has two applications that are available through a slider. This allows you to choose between remote or game mode. Super handy if you want to control various apps.
The B100 VR Bluetooth remote control is not only suitable for smartphones, but can also be used in conjunction with tablets. As long as the device features a Bluetooth connection, you can combine it with the B100.



Order the B100 for your Virtual Reality Glasses

For the best user experience, order your Virtual Reality glasses direct with a Bluetooth remote. The B100 offers you this convenience with a tiny remote control, but full range of possibilities. The B100 is small and lightweight, and therefore can also be sent by mail.



B100 Bluetooth remote control order at Djoozy

B100 VR remote directly available from own stock.
The Djoozy shop is always available.


  • Ordered before 16:00, next day delivery
  • 12 month hardware warranty
  • 14 days right of withdrawal
  • Everything you need to start immediately
Model: B100 VR remote control
Number of buttons: 7
Color: Black
CPU: ARM968E-S Core
OS: Android, iOS
Weight: 15gr
Dimensions: 73x31x13mm
Rechargable: Yes, via micro USB connection
Power Supply: Rechargable Lithium Battery 3,7V
Reach: Up to 10 meters
Bluetooth: Version 3.0 and higher
Material: Plastic
Suitable for: Smartphones and VR glasses
Contents 1: 1x B100 VR Bluetooth remote control
Contents 2: 1x Manual
Contents 3: -
Brand: OEM